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Innovative Promotional Platform

PromoIt is an online promotional platform that incentivizes staff, delivers rewards and provides realtime measurement and engagement. Increase product sales instantly.

Incentivize Your Staff

Reward your staff for producing more through gamification. Deliver realtime insights into their sales, overall performance and current rankings.

Reward Your Best Performers

Each promotion can have multiple winners based on total volume sold and most sold on average. This allows all participants to be elligable for rewards regardless of their hours worked.

Incentivize through Gamification

Participants earn badges for all types of achievements and engagement. The more they participate, the more they can earn.

Gain Realtime Insights

Customizable dashboard provides a deeper look into never before seen data. Deliver instant reports to marketers, management, and manufacturers.

What our users are saying...

PromoIt enabled us to monetize and forcast our monthly specials and promotions in a new a revolutionary way.
Elizabeth F. Director of Retail Innovations
It is amazing how much money our company has earned since I started using PromoIt 6 months ago. The has neve been a way to forcast, motivate and incentivize my staff like this ever before.
Matthew M. President of Innovation Organization
This platform is the real deal! I can earn prizes for upselling my customers.
Samantha B. Waitress and Bartender